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Jeannette Bajalia interviewed more than two-dozen nonagenarians and centenarians in an effort to learn what leads to active longevity. “Longevity is the ultimate double edged sword,” Bajalia says. “Who doesn’t want to live longer if we can maintain a high quality of life? If we have our health, our family and friends, and a compelling reason to get out of bed each morning, then longevity becomes a great thing. Unfortunately, it also brings with it the very real and frightening risk of outliving our money.” This book puts faces and families behind the figures, and empowers you to make the rest of your life the best of your life.


Nowhere are gender differences more prevalent than in the areas of money and finance. Added to this are the complexities associated with women and financial matters, and now, longevity is redefining retirement for women. Women are at greater financial risk due to longer life expectancy, lesser earnings, care-giving interruptions, and fewer retirement resources. Add to that, sudden life events such as widowhood, divorce, and job loss, which can wreak havoc on women’s emotional and financial health. This book discusses the need for life planning and offers strategies for consideration for all women who desire to be financially independent and experience optimal well being.


As the title might imply, this book explains the difference between just investing for retirement and creating a customized, diversified plan that can be used to navigate through retirement. A well-defined, integrated Retirement Lifestyle Protection Plan asks and answers the following questions: Have I saved enough to retire comfortably and safely? Where can I invest my savings with safety and good growth? What happens if there is a divorce or the premature death of a spouse? What about legal protections? Is there any way around the probate nightmare? How can I easily transfer an estate to my heirs? How can I protect my estate from being eaten up by the cost of long-term care? How can I keep the IRS from inheriting 50 percent of my estate? It also involves estate planning, tax planning and asset protection professionals who can address and apply the current realities of rising taxes and inflation, longevity, rising health care costs, and much, much more.